Armenia commemorates Genocide victims

April 24 2004


YEREVAN, APRIL 24, ARMENPRESS: Armenian president Robert
Kocharian, members of the Armenian government, representatives of
political parties, diplomatic corps and top clerics from the Armenian
Apostolic Church laid wreathes today at the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial
in the capital Yerevan to commemorate 1.5 million victims of the 1915
genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.
Hundreds of thousands of Armenians from all parts of the world
walked today up the Tsitsernakaberd hill in Yerevan to the 1915
Genocide Memorial on the annual day of remembrance for Armenians
massacred in the Ottoman Empire. Ceremonies are also held in Armenian
communities throughout the world.
The Armenian genocide was officially recognized by parliaments of
several countries, the last being Canada, the European Parliament,
tens of US States and many international organizations.
An American journalists Jonathan Alper, who came to pay tribute to
the memory of innocent victims, told Armenpress that 33 US states
have officially recognized the Armenian genocide, while president
George Bush avoids to use the word” genocide” in his April 24 address
to American Armenians. “A presidential hopeful John Kerry has
promised to recognize the Armenian genocide if elected, but he will
forget about it as soon as elected, like all previous presidents,” he
Speaking to reporters after laying a wreath to Genocide Memorial
president Kocharian said: ”
You can see that our government is very active in pressing for
international recognition of the genocide. Each year is marked with a
significant progress. We shall be as persistent as now and we have
big resources to reach our goal. I believe that after all we shall
succeed in it.”