Mistakes in medical examination of conscripts

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
April 16 2004


During the meeting of the National Assembly member of parliament A.
Gabrielian asked the government to explain the reason of double
medical examination of the conscripts and its results. In answer the
defence minister of NKR Seyran Ohanian mentioned that since 2000 he
has been struggling for maintaining the principle of fairness during
the conscription. Double medical examination is part of this process.
It turned out that 12-13 percent of the conscripts, 542 people were
released from service because of diseases. The examination showed that
49 were able-bodied, 12 conscripts are sent for additional
examination. 25 are children of university teachers, heads of
hospitals, doctors, businessmen. The minister particularly mentioned
the dean of university Mirzoyan, the chief doctor of the republic
hospital, lawyer Sahakian whose sons were illegally released from
military service. In this relation the prime minister suggested
drawing a list of such parents and publish in the newspaper `Azat
Artsakh’. He mentioned that although there will be phone calls from
people known in the society, occupying high positions, the process
will be consistently carried on. Member of parliament Artur Mossiyan
mentioned that according to the NKR law `On compulsory military
service’ those persons who did not serve in the army for not
acceptable reasons have no right for civil service. In answer prime
minister Anoushavan Danielian reminded that the law `On civil service’
which is already in effect, maintains the list of civil positions, for
the occupation of which it is obligatory to have served in the
army. During the upcoming attestation this requirement will also be
met. Member of parliament A. Gabrielian mentioned that not only the
parents illegally releasing their children from military service but
also the members of the corresponding medical commission must be