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1) California Governor Schwarzenegger Proclaims April 24 Day Of Remembrance
The Armenian Genocide
2) Statement of US Senator Barbara Boxer Commemoration of the Armenian
3) Horizon TV to Provide Continuous Coverage of April 24 Events
4) Idaho Governor Issues Proclamation Commemorating the Armenian Genocide

1) California Governor Schwarzenegger Proclaims April 24 Day Of Remembrance
The Armenian Genocide

SACRAMENTO–The Armenian National Committee of AmericaWestern Region (ANCA-WR)
reported today that newly elected California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
issued an Executive Proclamation designating Saturday, April 24, as a “Day of
Remembrance for the Armenian Genocide.”The language of the proclamation
addressed the historical facts of the Genocide and commended Armenian
for retaining their “…distinct heritage, language, and religion, and bringing
rich cultural diversity to the Golden State.”
“We are very pleased to have Governor Schwarzenegger proclaim April 24 as a
California Day of Remembrance for the Armenian Genocide,” commented ANCA-WR
Government Relations Director, Armen Carapetian. “Designating April 24th as a
special day means a great deal to the children and grandchildren of survivors
of the Armenian Genocide and even the survivors who were able to make it to
California and called this great state their home.”
On Saturday, April 24, California State Senator Charles Poochigian, the
legislature’s highest ranking Armenian, will present the proclamation to the
ANCA-WR and the Armenian community at a special ceremony to be held at the
Armenian Martyrs Monument in Montebello, California.The event will include
special messages from Senator John Kerry, Governor Schwarzenegger, in addition
to speeches from various other California State and federal public officials.

The complete text of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s statement follows:

On April 24, 1915, in Constantinople, the Ottoman Turkish government arrested
and murdered several hundred Armenian religious, political, and intellectual
leaders, beginning a campaign of terror known as the Armenian Genocide.

From 1915 to 1923, the Ottoman Empire executed a systematic destruction of
Armenian culture through the forced exile, imprisonment and annihilation of
men, women and children of Armenian descent. More than 1.5 million Armenians
perished, and 500,000 survivors were forced to leave their ancestral homeland
in Turkey. Whole villages were massacred and many people died of exposure and
starvation during forced death marches in the desert.

Despite this great tragedy, the Armenian people have persevered and today are
striving to build a free and proud nation, based on the principles of
and a free-market economy. California is home to 700,000 Armenians–the
Armenian community outside the Republic of Armenia. Throughout the decades,
Armenian-American community has contributed to California’s agriculture,
business, education, public service, and the arts. They have retained their
distinct heritage, language, and religion, bringing rich cultural diversity to
the Golden State.

On this 89th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, we join with Armenians
around the world to mourn the loss of so many innocent lives. In remembering
this great human tragedy, we rededicate ourselves to combat injustice, and we
honor the triumphant spirit of the Armenian people.

do hereby proclaim Saturday, April 24, 2004, as a “Day of Remembrance for the
Armenian Genocide.”

2) Statement of US Senator Barbara Boxer Commemoration of the Armenian

Between the years of 1915 and 1923, a million and a half Armenians were
brutally murdered as a result of a calculated plan to eliminate Armenians from
the Ottoman Empire. Men taken from their homes and separated from their
families were killed. Women, children, and elderly were sent on forced death
marches across the Syrian Desert. These actions constituted the first genocide
of the 20th century and one of the most vicious and tragic events in world
One and one-half million Armenian lives were lost, countless more were
persecuted, and the entire Armenian community suffered. As we reflect on these
horrible years, Armenian Americans know this story and its relevance in
Tragically, some question its historical accuracy.To prevent future
genocide is
to face the reality that it exists. Knowledge of past genocides in different
parts of our world assists in arming us to prevent such acts from occurring
At the outset of the Jewish Holocaust, Adolph Hitler said that no one
remembered what happened to the Armenian people during the genocide. He then
proceeded to implement his Final Solution.
Today, Armenians are continuing to work to rebuild and strengthen their great
nation. After facing years of injustice and persecution, the Armenian people’s
spirit remains strong.
I join you in commemorating the 89th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. As
we remember these sad years, we must never forget that an act of genocide is
not only an act of hatred toward one particular group, but toward all
May we learn from the tragedy of the Armenian genocide and recommit ourselves
to full equality, respect, and acceptance for all people.An important first
step is the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the United States
Government and the world as a whole.

3) Horizon TV to Provide Continuous Coverage of April 24 Events

Horizon 24 Hour Armenian Television will preempt its regularly scheduled
programming to provide complete and comprehensive coverage of April 24 events,
as well as documentaries, cultural performances and the arts in commemorating
the Armenian Genocide. The program line-up will also include special
with scholars, worldwide coverage of Genocide commemorative events, and live
interviews with representatives of Armenian communities in the Diaspora. The
live broadcast will start at 6 am PST and will run until 2 am.
The program will be available to anyone with the T5-Telestar Globecast World
TV receiver, on channel 411, or on the following frequency: D/L Frequency:
11,867 MHz D/L Polarity: Vertical Symbol Rate: 22.000 Msym FEC: ¾
For information call (818) 246-1989.
“We believe that April 24 is a day for Armenians worldwide to renew their vow
to continue the struggle against denial until the day Turkey recognizes the
Genocide, returns our lands, and makes reparations. Our programming is not
about mourning our losses, rather about showing the world that Armenians will
not give in until every last inch of our homeland is returned to us. It is
about proving to everyone that we can put aside our personal differences and
unite in the struggle for Hai Tahd.” –Horizon’s Executive Producer Bianca

4) Idaho Governor Issues Proclamation Commemorating the Armenian Genocide

BOISE–Idaho became the 33rd US state to recognize the Armenian Genocide this
week, as Republican Governor Dirk Kempthorne issued a proclamation citing
24 “Idaho Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923,” reported
the Armenian National Committee of Idaho (ANC-Idaho).
The proclamation begins by noting that “one and a half million Christian
Armenian men, women, and children were the victims of a brutal genocide
perpetrated by the Ottoman Turkish Government from 1915-1923.” It goes on to
cite the importance of commemorating this crime against humanity as a way of
“guarding against the repetition of future genocides and educating people
the atrocities connected to these horrific crimes.” The complete text of the
Governor’s proclamation is provided below.
The gubernatorial proclamation closely follows a resolution unanimously
adopted by the Senate of the Associated Students of Boise State University
(ASBSU) recognizing the Armenian Genocide and condemning efforts to rewrite
history. Senate Resolution 13 states that the genocide “has resulted in the
elimination of the Armenian people from their historic homeland of over 3000
years through the criminal loss of property and life.” The resolution
“commemorates the Armenian Genocide and condemns those attempts made by
governments as well as other entities, both public and private, to distort the
historical reality and legal relevance of the Armenian Genocide to the
descendants of its survivors and humanity as a whole.”
On hearing the news of the Governor’s proclamation, David Morris,
President of
the ASBSU, commented: “I think it’s fantastic that the Governor not only
recognizes the importance of bringing this information to light, but also
stands behind efforts to educate the public about the Armenian Genocide”.
Chairman of ANC-Idaho, Rafael Saakyan, commended Governor Kempthorne on his
“commitment to advancing human rights issues in the state of Idaho and for
joining the Armenian community across this great state in sustaining the flame
of remembrance for the victims of the Armenian Genocide.” Saakyan then urged
the Idaho Congressional delegation to “ensure that their state’s views are
represented through their support for the adoption of the Genocide resolution
in the House and Senate.”
Rebecca Kun, communications director of ANC-Idaho, worked closely with the
ANC-Idaho team to collect close to 600 signatures for the proclamation
This was a marathon process–we collected 594 signatures in 2 weeks in
order to
get our proclamation request submitted in time to meet the April 24
deadline we
set for ourselves. With this proclamation and the Boise State initiative it is
clear that the Armenian community, working together, can make a real
difference.” Kun continued, “As a first generation holocaust survivor, I
understand the importance of bringing these events to light. Having this
proclamation signed by both the State of Idaho and Boise State University is
the first step to correct the dissemination of lies that has been perpetuated
for the last 89 years.”
Massachusetts State Republican Committee chairman Bob Semonian of Watertown,
MA helped the ANC-Idaho bring their concerns to the attention of the
office. Semonian discussed the importance of the recognition of the Armenian
Genocide with Gov. Kempthorne directly at the recent National Governor’s
Association (NGA) meeting in Washington, DC. Gov. Kempthorne currently serves
as chairman of the NGA.
The Idaho proclamation follows an earlier letter of recognition issued by
Montana’s Republican Governor Judith Martz in late March. Jamestown (ND) Mayor
Charles Kourajian issued a city proclamation last week honoring the victims of
the Armenian Genocide.

Text of the Idaho Proclamation Commemorating the Armenian Genocide:

WHEREAS, one and one-half-million Christian Armenian men, women, and children
were victims of a brutal genocide perpetrated by the
Ottoman Turkish Government from 1915-1923; and

WHEREAS, the Armenian genocide and massacres of Armenian people have been
recognized as an attempt to eliminate all traces of a thriving and noble
civilization over 3,000 years old; and

WHEREAS, recognition of the eighty-ninth anniversary of this genocide is
crucial to guarding against the repetition of future genocide and educating
people about the atrocities connected to these horrific events; and

WHEREAS, Armenian-Americans living in Idaho have greatly enriched our state
through their leadership in business, agriculture, academia, government and

NOW, THEREFORE I, DIRK KEMPTHORNE, Governor of the State of Idaho, do hereby
proclaim April 24, 2004, to be IDAHO DAY OF REMEMBRANCE OF THE ARMENIAN
GENOCIDE OF 1915-1923

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