NKR: New cultural and sport programs

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
April 16 2004


The previous visit of the NKR minister of education, culture and sport
Armen Sarghissian to Marseiile was two years ago. At that time the
invitation was from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, which
besides party problems involved also cultural and sport events. In
particular it should be mentioned about the meetings with the mayor of
Marseille and the local parliament. In the framework of these meetings
the idea of building a new stadium in Stepanakert was born. Last year
on May 9 the representatives of the organization `Provence Armenie’
visited Karabakh. It should be mentioned that this organizations also
includes people widely known in the world in the sphere of culture and
sport, such as famous singer Patrick Fiore, world champions in
football Youri Jorkaeff and Alen Poghossian. Part of the members of
the organization are not Armenians. Patrick Fiore visited Karabakh
with the chairman of the organization Hakobik Khachatrian. They became
interested in the problem of building a new stadium in
Stepanakert. The recent visit of the NKR minister of education,
culture and sport to Marseille was in this relation. The minister was
accompanied by singer Nuneh Yessayan. More than 800 people took part
in the soiree organized in the framework of the program of
construction of the stadium N 2 in Stepanakert. The participants were
acquainted to the points of the program. There was a concert during
the soiree with the participation of Patrick Fiore and other French
artists. Besides the local Armenians, among the participants were
representatives of the local authorities, French people. As a result
an agreement was signed on the construction of the new stadium. A
meeting between the leading players of the football club `Olympique’
and the coaches took place. It was decided to organize a match between
the club and the national team of Armenia the profit of which will be
provided for the construction of the stadium in Stepanakert. A part of
this sum will be provided to the Football Federation of Armenia for
the sake of development of this sport. According to the arrangement
the match will be held on September 4. Four days later Nuneh Yessayan
and Patrick Fiore will have a concert in Yerevan, the profit from
which will be completely provided for the construction of the
stadium. It is not excluded that they will sing also in Karabakh. The
hindering fact is that the seats in the stadium are in a bad
condition. If the problem of seats is solved, the concert will take
place, said the NKR minister of culture. According to minister Armen
Sarghissian, the cost of the program totals 350 thousand US
dollars. According to his forecast, if this sum is raised this autumn,
building will start in spring of the next year. The stadium will be
designed for different sports. Besides the sports traditional in
Karabakh it is also planned to develop field hockey. It is planned to
build the stadium beside the Stepanakert spa and physical training
complex where in all the seasons of the year the games will be
organized on a high level. At the same time the Stepanakert stadium N
1 after Shahoumian will be repaired. The works were assumed by the
organization `Franc Muller’. During his visit to France Armen
Sarghissian made arrangements for cultural programs. Thus, at the
upcoming celebration of the 80th anniversary of Homenetmen the state
dance ensemble of Artsakh and `Karabakh’ pop ensemble. On the occasion
of the 10th anniversary of the cease-fire these ensembles will have 6
concerts in six French cities with the assistance of the NKR
representative in France Hovhannes Gevorgian. Photographer Hrair Bazen
will exhibit his works picturing the historical and cultural monuments
of Artsakh. At the folklore festival In France in October actors from
Karabakh will also participate. This once again testifies that culture
has a significant contribution to the political rating of a
country. During the visit the minister visited a Marseille school. An
arrangement was made to organize mutual visits between this school and
any educational instiution in Karabakh. He also had meetings at the
Armenian Relief Society. It was decided to provide assistance of 10
thousand dollars to the Artsakh churches during 2 years. It was
planned to rebuild the church Targmanchats. The members of the youth
organization `New Generation’ asked to present a social economic and
cultural program within 8-10 thousand US dollars for any Karabakh