Calgary: Massacre of Armenians recognized

Calgary Herald, Canada
April 22 2004

Massacre of Armenians recognized

Canada became one of few countries to formally recognize the genocide
of Armenian Turks during the First World War in a strongly worded
motion adopted 153-68 in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

Government members were discouraged from voting for the motion, which
is sure to anger a Turkish government that has never recognized the
massacre of 1.5 million Armenians starting in 1915.

Following a charged debate at their weekly closed-door caucus
meeting, Liberal backbenchers voted massively in favour while the
party’s cabinet contingent rejected the Bloc Quebecois motion.

Prime Minister Paul Martin was absent during the politically
sensitive vote, but Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham defended the
government’s opposition.

The Turkish government has warned that recognizing the genocide could
have economic consequences and Graham said he wanted to maintain good
relations with Turkey.