CENN Daily Digest – 04/21/2004

Table of Contents:
1. Call For Papers: “Caucasus Environment” – Issue Dedicated to
2. MDF-Training and Consultancy
3. Mekong Media Seminar: Final call for Journalist Application


Dear colleagues!

As you probably know, CENN (Caucasus Environmental NGO Network) together
with Armenian and Azeri partners, is publishing quarterly regional
environmental magazine – `Caucasus Environment’, which has scientific,
educational, popular character. () The `Caucasus
Environment’ is bilingual (English and Russian) publication. The aim of
CENN is to create an independent high quality publication on
environmental issues – a magazine that could educate, inspire and
empower Caucasus citizens to make a difference for the environment. The
regional magazine covers not only purely ecological matters, but also
issues concerning the environment as a whole. These include the natural
environment, social environment (the interconnection between the
environment and poverty, gender issues, demography, health, historical
cultural heritage, ethnography, archaeology, geopolitical issues, etc.),
industry & environment, agriculture, tourism, land use, cadastre and all
types of characteristics and peculiarities of the Caucasus region,
defining environment in a broad sense. The Magazine is distributed

The coming issue of the “Caucasus Environment” Magazine is dedicated to
the BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY of the Caucasus. (Caucasus – meaning not only
Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, but also southern regions of Russia,
Iran and Turkey. We are looking for your articles, dedicated to the
following themes:


4. Relict, endemic and rare species of flora and fauna…
5. Endangered species and species, typical for Caucasus…
6. Commercially important species and habitats (medical herbs, game
birds etc.)…
7. Refugiums and places with especially high biodiversity rates…
8. Zoos/ cities
9. Stray animals
10. Genetically modified organisms
11. Farm animals
12. Any other issue related to biodiversity of the Caucasus

Due to large number of articles we receive for each issue, we have
worked out Rules of submission:

1. Preliminary letter of interest, describing theme of article and its
brief abstract should be submitted latest on 15 May 2004. Please, submit
your letters as early as possible, so that we have time to work on the
article! Articles and letters can be sent to the following addresses:
[email protected] [email protected] Letters and articles can be
sent in English or Russian language.

2. The article itself should be submitted latest on 1 June 2004. We may
not accept articles that are sent without preliminary notification
letter (15 May), or the articles that are sent after the final deadline
(1 June 2004).

3. Please note that generally we do not accept articles that were
already published (though there could be exceptions), we do not accept
statistical materials, or the articles that contain only well known

4. The size of article should be maximum 2 pages (4 000 symbols), each

5. Priority is given to the articles that are prepared by regional
efforts (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Caspian
States etc.). Priority is also given to the articles that contain
photos, are prepared in both languages (Russian and English).

6. Contact with authors: as the topics are finalized, we provide all
authors with edited and proved versions of their articles, and wait for
their approval for 3 working days. After this time, we have the right
either to use or reject the article on our own decision. On request of
an author, we can place his/her contact address, e-mail or phone in the
article. For NGOs, we can place advertisement of their production
(`green’ products, juices, fruit, solar power etc.) with special price.
Contact us on e-mail or phone for details.

7. Please, let us know, if there is something you specially like/
dislike about our magazine, as we always look for better communication
ways and opportunities.

MAGAZINE FREE OF CHARGE!!! For more information, please see:

9. We encourage all of you to send us your articles, as it is a best
chance to let the World know about your country, your activities, your
NGO and yourself! It is a good way to find reliable partners, friends,
donors, ideas, programs and – last not least – the most actual and
updated information about our common house – the Caucasus. We will be
happy to have articles not only from Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan,
Georgia, Iran, Turkey, Russia, but also articles provided by the
specialists and scientists interested in this region.

Looking forward to receive your feedback!

Yours sincerely,

Catherine Nakashidze

Caucasus Environmental NGO Network

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Fax: +995 32 92 39 47
E-mail: [email protected]


Management for Development Foundation from the Netherlands is a
worldwide operating training and consultancy firm specialised in
capacity building, project management, and the standard EU management
method PCM, Project Cycle Management.

In the period 10 May – 4 June 2004 MDF organises for the 61th time its
internationally reputable Project Management Course in Ede, The
Netherlands. This course is based on the PCM method and offers managers
of developmental organisations, projects or activities everything they
might need in terms of technical management tools, personal skills and
human resources management methods and skills.

Today’s managers and advisors need to facilitate teams and groups to
analyse their situation and to make effective plans for action. From 2 –
10 June MDF offers a course on facilitation skills, also in the
Netherlands. This course improves your personal interaction skills,
provides insight in participative group processes and offers methods and
tools for different categories of participative decision-making events.
This course is designed and conducted in association with Bureau Frank

Especially for clients in South East Europe involved with or interested
in projects or activities funded through one of the EC programmes such
as CARDS, TACIS or PHARE there is a new opportunity to get familiar with
the PCM management method. In close co-operation with Vakakis
International MDF organises two PCM courses in Athens, Greece in the
weeks of 24 May and 31 May. The first one focuses on the planning tool
Logical Framework whereas the second one concentrates more on Monitoring
and Evaluation. Together these courses cover the entire cycle of PCM
application throughout the lifespan of projects.

For more information consult our websites ( , )
or contact us on [email protected] and [email protected]


Final Call for Journalist Application

Bangkok & Chiang Rai, Thailand

WWF Thailand, UNESCO Bangkok and IUCN invite environment and/or
development journalists from China, Vietnam, Laos PDR, Cambodia, Burma
and Thailand to participate in a three-day Mekong Media Seminar
scheduled to take place in Bangkok, from 22-24 June and Study trip to
Chiang Khong District, Chiang Rai, from 25-26 June 2004.

This seminar is aiming to:

1. Raise awareness of media representatives of the importance and value
of the Mekong River, as well as environmental and developmental issues
of the Mekong River Basin
2. Raise awareness of media representatives of the significance of their
role and contribution to sustainable development of the Mekong River
3. Provide a platform for media representatives from Cambodia, China,
Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to discuss and plan their
concerted actions contributing to Mekong River sustainable development
4. Plan future actions of the group leading to strengthening of their
capacities and network

Please note that applicants must be currently active journalists with
serious interest and having published reports on Mekong issues. The
application should be accompanied by CV in English stating the name,
sex, current post and duties, contact address (including fax number,
e-mail address and mobile phone number, if any), and experience in
environmental and developmental journalism, should reach us by 26 April
2004. Women journalists will be given priority in selection.

Selection results will be communicated to you by the May 14, 2004.
Selected candidates will be required to prepare a short country paper on
their perspectives on the way in which Mekong-related issues are
presented in the media in their country. Highlighting issues of concern,
including participation of local communities, in relation to development
programme planning and implementation, as well as gender and
youth-related issues. The papers may include examples of news reporting
from each country that form the basis for the assessment in the paper,
and will be shared with other participants at the seminar serving as a
basis for further discussions on future media actions. The selected
candidates would have to submit the country paper by the May 31, 2004.

A limited number of grants are available to participants, at most three
from each country. Candidates who are not provided financial assistance
must meet their own costs, i.e. international travel, domestic travel
(Bangkok-Chiang Rai-Bangkok), and room and board.

For further information, please contact:
Ms. Dararat Weerapong, Media and Publications Manager, WWF Thailand,
E-mail: [email protected],
Tel: (66 2) 524 6168 and (66 2) 524 6169 ext. 103,
Mobile: (66 1) 720 8662

Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN)

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