Armenian opposition warns public against “spontaneous action”

Armenian opposition warns public against “spontaneous action”

19 Apr 04


The Armenian opposition does not rule out the possibility of dialogue
with the authorities without any conditions attached provided they
halt political repression in the country, set the opposition activists
they arrested free, make it possible for citizens to move freely
around the republic and punish those who falsified the results of the
2003 presidential and parliamentary elections. This was said in a
joint statement by the Justice bloc and the National Unity party
received by Arminfo today.

“The incumbent regime, led by President Robert Kocharyan, has burnt
all the bridges leading to reconciliation with the nation after the
tragic night of 12-13 April [when the opposition rally was
dispersed],” the statement said.

The statement added that there is no other way but change the
authorities but this should be done in a peaceful manner. The
opposition told the authorities that they would not be able to hold on
to power for a long time “by violently attacking their own people”.

[Passage omitted: reported details on vote of confidence]

The statement urged the public “not to yield to provocation and to
avoid spontaneous action”.