ANKARA MFA: We Regret Erection Of Monument In Poland Defaming Turkey

M.F.A.: We Extremely Regretted Erection Of A Monument In Poland Defaming Our
Anadolu Agency:

ANKARA – Turkey has expressed its extreme regret over erection of a
monument in yard of a Catholic church in Poland on which it was
written that Turks had committed genocide against Armenians.

Releasing a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said on
Wednesday, ”a monument was erected in yard of a Catholic church in
Krakov city of Poland on April 17, 2004. There is an inscription on
the monument writing that Armenians had been exposed to genocide in
Turkey in 1915.”

”Although we have learnt that Polish government rejected the
inscription on the monument, we extremely regretted erection of such a
monument in Poland defaming our nation since we have always supported
Poland in its most difficult periods,” the MFA stressed.

Expressing Turkey’s concerns about a church’s being used as a tool of
an understanding of history based of distorted data, and of obsessions
of some marginal groups, the MFA emphasized, ”all countries should
remember that if all religious faiths and their adherents are purified
from prejudices and feelings of hatred, we can succeed in our efforts
to provide inter-religious dialogue.”

”Otherwise, we will face the jeopardy of inciting intolerance and
giving rise to social turmoil. The current sensitive period entails
everyone, especially religious officials, to be responsible and
careful in all steps to be taken,” the MFA added.