New Nation’s Redemption Party Intends to Save Nation in 3 months


YEREVAN, April 20 (Noyan Tapan). Newly established Nation’s
Redemption party intends to settle all problems the Armenian people
are facing at least within three months. Sargis Karapetian, chairman
of the party registered at the Justice Miniistry two days ago, said
during the April 20 press conference.

According to Karapetian, both the authorities and the opposition are
opposed to the people. According to him, the authorities should have
welcomed the people going to the President’s residence instead of
exerting violence against the unarmed participants of the
rally. Sargis Karapetian stated that all the people responsible for
that should be punished. The chairman of the Nation’s Redemtion party
criticises the opposition, as well, considering, that taking advantage
of the people’s discontent wishes to attain the power. Sargis
Karapetian himself seeks no power. The party he leads intends solely
to save the Armenian people solely and return the wealth stolen from
them. If luxurious mansions, restaurants and casinos are being built
in some country, it means that this country is rich: “Justice lacks in
Armenia: one should save the body of the Armenian people and then its
soul.” “We’ll make it and you’ll see,” Karapetian promised, refusing
to dwell on the program for the nation’s rescue. He also refused to
tell the number of the party’s members and the names of his
allies. The leader of the party also said that the organization the
members of which are the azatamartiks (freedom fighters) has its
structures in all the regions. The party cooperates nither with
Yerkrapah Union of Volunteers nor with other organizations of
azatamartiks nor with the opposition or pro-governmental
parties. Sargis Karapetian, in his own words, is a former ARF
Dashnaktsiutiun member and was expelled from the party in 2001 for
“the speeches against the authorities.”