Kocharian denies plan to dismiss parliament or prime minister

Armenian president denies plan to dismiss parliament or prime minister

AP Online
Apr 20, 2004

President Robert Kocharian on Tuesday denied he had plans to dismiss
either his prime minister or his fractionalized parliament.

Kocharian told a briefing that “such rumors are spread deliberately to
create an atmosphere of distrust in the relations between the
president and the premiere and also within the ranks of the ruling

In a clear reference to the opposition, which has held a series of
large rallies in recent weeks demanding his resignation, Kocharian
said “despite the attempts of certain circles to disrupt us” the
authorities are working normally.

Kocharian won a second term in presidential elections a year ago that
sparked mass protests, including nearly daily demonstrations between
the first round and the runoff.

Opposition groups alleged widespread violations in both rounds of the
election, which was followed by a parliamentary ballot in which the
pro-government party won the most votes.