All conditions for Armenia to develop in Iran

April 19 2004


TEHRAN, APRIL 19, ARMENPRESS: The once 300,000 strong Armenian
community in Iran has shrunk away now to a little more than 100,000.
Armenian ambassador to Iran, Gegham Gharibjanian, told Armenpress
that the majority of Armenians live in the capital city of Tehran,
some 10,000 in Isfagan and around 1,000 in Tebriz.
The community, according to the ambassador, maintains all
traditions and has strong potential. Armenians delegate two members
to the parliament as a national minority. The proximity to Armenia is
one of the community’s advantageous and many families can now watch
Armenian Public TV. The Church is instrumental in maintaining the
Armenian identity. “I think the Iranian government has created all
conditions for the Armenian community to live and develop freely and
maintain all its traditions,” the ambassador said.
He added that Armenian-Iranian relations are entering a new
development phase. “When I came here as Armenia’s ambassador, we
spoke about some projects, such Iran Armenia gas pipeline, the
Kajaran tunnel, the hydropower plant on the border river of Arax, now
I am proud that all these projects will be implemented during my
tenure,’ he said.