When will the road to Talish be built?

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
April 19 2004


April 14 was the tenth anniversary of liberation of the village
Talish. During the meeting of the National Assembly member of
parliament Valery Babayan expressed gratitude to all who have their
contribution to the liberation of the village. He mentioned that the
question of repair of the road Martakert-Mataghis-Talish has been
raised for a number of times. Ten months ago the government promised
to repair it but so far the inhabitants of Talish are deprived of
normal communication. According to the acting minister of building
Vagharshak Palanjanian, the roadworks will cost 40 million drams.
This year 112 million drams in total has been provided for repairing
the village roads. Taking into account the cost, the road of Talish
was taken out of the list drawn up in December. According to V.
Palanjanian, however, a new list is being worked out in which the road
of Talish will be included by all means.