Historic Raising of Armenian Flag at Fresno City Hall


Armenian National Committee, Central California
Post Office Box 626
Fresno, California 93709


April 18, 2004

Contact: Hygo Ohannessian, Chairwoman
(559) 977-4894, E-mail, [email protected]

For the first time in Fresno’s history, to help commemorate the Armenian
Genocide, the City of Fresno will raise the Armenian flag to fly alongside
the United States and California flags in front of City Hall.

The flag raising ceremony is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on April 24, 2004, at
the flagpole area of Fresno City Hall (corner of “P” and Fresno Streets).

Steven M. Vartabedian, Associate Justice, 5th District, California Courts of
Appeals, is the guest speaker and Fresno City Councilman Tom Boyajian is the
master of ceremonies. After the presentation of the flag, the Homenetmen
Scouts will raise the Armenian Tricolor alongside the U.S. and California
flags. Hygo Ohannessian, Chairwoman of Armenian National Committee Central
California will also address the audience.

Over the years, the Fresno City Council has appropriately commemorated the
Armenian Genocide through proclamations citing April 24 as Armenian Genocide
Remembrance Day. This year, Armenian National Committee took the initiative
to have the Armenian flag flown over Fresno City Hall to honor the victims
of the Armenian Genocide.

“The US and Armenian flags are symbols of hope, freedom and justice. This
gesture of good will honors the legacy Armenian-Americans share with the
City of Fresno, and it conveys a message that we stand shoulder to shoulder
to help resolve historic injustices, most notably the atrocities that befell
the Armenian people” said Hygo Ohannessian, Chairwoman.

The community is urged to attend this historic flag raising ceremony.
Parking is free at the designated North and South City Hall lots.