Armenian poetess turns down award, urges leader to resign over rally

Armenian poetess turns down award and urges leader to resign over rally

Noyan Tapan news agency
19 Apr 04


Silva Kaputikyan, poetess and academician of the Armenian Academy of
Sciences, has sent back the Order of Mesrop Mashtots awarded to her on
her 80th anniversary. In an open letter sent to the mass media, the
poetess explained why:

“During all these years I wished to give back this order as I followed
every step of Robert Kocharyan who inflicted damage on the nation.
After the tragic night of 12 April [when the opposition rally was
dispersed], there remains no room for doubt,” the poetess wrote.

“Every Armenian living in Armenia, in Artsakh [Karabakh] and Spyurk
[the Diaspora] understands that in order to oppose the enemy who bears
a grudge against us on a daily basis, at this moment it is important
to have stability in the country and a strong state. But, the
stability gained by weapons and violence is an illusion and fraught
with heavy consequences,” the letter said.

The poetess expressed confidence that “there cannot be real stability
in a country where there is a precipice between the state and the
people, between the palaces and shacks with half-starving people and
where mutual abhorrence reigns”.

“If Mr Kocharyan thinks about the future of his state, if he wants the
spirit of unity that worked miracles in 1988 be restored between the
two parts of our nation, he should abandon the political scene,” Silva
Kaputikyan said.