Globalisation problems among Petersburg econ forum issues

Globalisation problems among Petersburg econ forum issues
By Maria Federova

April 17, 2004 Saturday

ST. PETERSBURG, April 17 – Economic growth problems and quality of
life under conditions of globalisation and development of economic
ties between the European Union and Russia and other CIS countries
will be in the focus of particular attention of the eighth Petersburg
Economic Forum to be held from June 15-17, Russian Federation Council
Chairman Sergei Mironov told the 23rd plenary meeting of the CIS
Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (IPA) in St. Petersburg on Saturday.

The Petersburg Economic Forum of political and business elite is held
annually under the aegis of the CIS IPA and the Federation Council.

The forum will also discuss economic and social reforms, development
of up-to-date information technologies, attracting of investments
and new members joining the World Trade Organisation.

A congress of CIS entrepreneurs, a meeting of the consultative council
on foreign investments in Russia and presentations of the South Russian
region, Armenia and the Czech Republic will be also held during the
Petersburg forum.

Mironov said he expected the forum to promote improvement of
legislative work in the Commonwealth of Independent States and legal
ensuring of CIS integration into the world economy.