Current crisis results from ballot-rigging – Opposition leader

Current crisis results from ballot-rigging – Armenian opposition leader

Noyan Tapan news agency
15 Apr 04


“The closure of the office of the Republican Party of Armenia was an
illegal step by the authorities,” the leader of the Justice bloc,
Stepan Demirchyan, has told Noyan Tapan.

Congratulating the party leaders on the resumption of the work of the
party, he noted that “the authorities have presumably sobered up now
and have decided not to create obstacles” any more.

Demirchyan explained that the international reaction to the
developments in the republic and on the other hand, what is more
important, people’s pressure sober up the authorities.

Demirchyan said that “those who committed violence and rigged the
presidential elections should be brought to account”. He believes that
today’s developments are a consequence of the presidential elections.