Assembly Statement on Demonstrations in Armenia

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April 15, 2004
CONTACT: David Zenian
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As the leaders of the opposition call for another round of demonstrations,
we urge restraint and calm by the opposition and the Armenian government.
Direct political dialogue is urgently required and is eminently preferable
to further confrontation. Threats of force or the use of force to change
government or to prevent peaceful protest is inadmissible.

We urge that the parliament convene to deal promptly with laws that empower
and regulate freedom of assembly and speech. It has been generally
acknowledged in Armenia and frequently noted by the international community
that current laws are not in compliance with European Union standards. It
is vital that laws meeting international standards be put in place as
quickly as possible that provide for unfettered assembly and responsible

We also urge that the Armenian government take resolute steps to protect
journalists from interference and violence as they perform their
professional duties.

Armenian Assembly of America
April 15, 2004

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