Opposition Leaders Hold News Conference

A1 Plus | 15:46:02 | 15-04-2004 | Politics |


Despite Armenian National Assembly’s last sessions have failed because of
upsets in Yerevan traditional parliamentary briefings were held on Thursday.

United Labor Party fraction, People MP parliamentary group and the
opposition participated in the briefings while the coalition hasn’t taken
part in them preferring to come up with special statements later.

Opposition leaders Stepan Demirchyan and Artashes Geghamyan gave a joint
news conference. They reiterated their determination to continue acting with
united efforts and confirmed their intention to stage a rally on Friday.

The opposition is already aware of Police Day celebration in the republic
and festive party scheduled for Friday in Opera House, outside of which the
rally is to be held.

Any case, the protest action will be held, as the opposition set the date of
the rally earlier and announced about that beforehand. The authorities ought
to find solution to the problem, Stepan Demirchyan said.

The opposition MPs once again condemned violence committed by the police
against peaceful demonstrators Monday night.