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We are approaching April 24 and the various commemorations for the 89th
anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Archbishop Oshagan will be attending
several commemorative events including the following:
On April 22, His Eminence has been invited to the New York City offices
of Governor Pataki, to receive the Proclamation issued by New York State.
On April 23, he will deliver the invocation at ceremonies in New York
City Hall, sponsored by the Armenian National Committee of New York and the
City of New York.
On April 24, His Eminence will be at St. Illuminator’s Cathedral in New
York City. V. Rev. Fr. Anoushavan Tanielian, Vicar of the Prelacy, will
celebrate the Divine Liturgy and deliver the Sermon. A requiem service for
the martyrs will take place at the Martyrs Altar.
On April 28, he will deliver the invocation at commemorative events on
Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, sponsored by the Armenian National Committee
of America.
Details of these and other events will be included in the next

The following information is taken from a press release issued by the
Worldwide Faith News, on April 12, 2004.
The Moderator of the Geneva based World Council of Churches (WCC), His
Holiness Aram I, arrived in Nairobi Tuesday, April 13, to effectively place
Africa on the global agenda.
As a moderator who chairs the WCC Central Committee, the highest WCC
policy making organ after the WCC General Assembly, his official visits
attract global attention which includes the attention of some 400 million
Christians worldwide who form the congregational membership of WCC global
network of member churches.
He is the most prominent leader of the Church outside the Roman Catholic
Church. WCC is the broadest and most inclusive ecumenical organization. It
enjoys a membership of 320 churches from virtually all Christian traditions
in 120 countries in all continents. The Roman Catholic Church works
cooperatively with WCC although it is not a member Church.
His Holiness Aram I comes to strengthen the Church in Africa in its own
work of healing the wounds of the continent, noted Rev. Dr. H. Mvume
Dandala, the General Secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches
adding that while the church plays leading roles in the endeavors of the
people of Africa, it needs unity in its thrust.
His Holiness travels to Rwanda on Friday, April 16, where he has been
invited to take part in commemorations of the 10th anniversary of the
Genocide in Rwanda.

The Armenian Jeopardy Tournament Championship game will take place on
May 22, not May 23 as previously reported, at St. Gregory Church in
Philadelphia. The Mid-Atlantic tournament took place in Ridgefield, New
Jersey, with the Armenian Sisters Academy as the winner. Tournaments in New
England and Mid-West will take place May 8 and May 15 respectively. The
tournaments are sponsored by the Armenian National Education Committee.

The Datev site on the Prelacy web page is complete. Visit the site for
full information, including registration form, for the 18th annual summer
Armenian Studies Program of the St. Gregory of Datev Institute,
affectionately and simply called Datev. ()

On behalf of His Holiness Catholicos Aram I, members of the Cilician
Brotherhood visited some of the dioceses during Holy Week.
Archbishop Ardavazt Terterian visited the Western Prelacy; Bishop Dirayr
Panossian visited the Diocese of Cyprus; Rev. Keghart Kusbekian visited the
Diocese of Aleppo; Rev. Bartev Gulumian and Rev. Vaghinag Meloyan visited
the Diocese of Tehran.
Each year, as an expression of the brotherly love and collaboration
between the hierarchal Sees, and with the invitation of Archbishop Torkom
Manoogian, Patriarch of Jerusalem, and His Beatitude Archbishop Mesrob
Moutafian, Patriarch of Istanbul, members of the Cilician Brotherhood visit
Istanbul and Jerusalem. This year, Bishop Nareg Alemezian visited Jerusalem
and V. Rev. Yeghishee Mandjigian visited Istanbul.

The fifty-day period between Easter (Zatik) and Pentecost (Hogegaloust)
is called Hinounk, meaning fifty days. The fifty days are devoted to the
Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each of the seven Sundays during Hinnounk has
a specific name.
This Sunday, the first Sunday after Easter is called New Sunday (Nor
Kiraki), since the first day of the week through Christ’s resurrection
became consecrated and Sunday became a dominical day. By virtue of its being
the eighth day of Easter and a day similar to Easter, it is also called
Grgnazadiz (Second Easter).
After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples several times.
One day, when the disciples had taken refuge in fear, Christ appeared to
them again. Present in the room was the Apostle Thomas (the famous or
infamous Doubting Thomas), who previously had refused to believe that the
Lord has risen from the dead until he had seen tangible proof, finally

It is April 15 today, which means your income tax returns must be mailed
today, postmarked before midnight, or filed electronically before midnight.

Our parting thoughts for the week:

And the tax collector, standing afar off, would not so much as raise his
eyes to heaven, but beat his breast, saying, God, be merciful to me, a
sinner. (Luke 18:13).

Our Constitution is in actual operation; everything appears to promise
that it will last; but in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.
(Written by Benjamin Franklin in a letter to M. Leroy, 1789).

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