Defense Minister Commenting Upon Beating Journalists

A1 Plus | 16:58:30 | 14-04-2004 | Politics |


“If someone possesses a camera or a dictaphone, it doesn’t mean that he or
she is a journalist. I think journalists especially during such measures
must produce something to prove them to be journalists”, Armenian Defense
Minister Serj Sargssyan said referring to the assaults to journalists during
the recent events.

“I don’t want to justify anyone. But if the law machinery demands to respect
law, everybody must obey it”, Minister explained.

“I consider it is bad to beat in general. It is not strange to me that
journalists react to beating more morbidly if it happens to any of them. It
is beyond my commission to call what happened on Baghramyan Avenue as
“beating”, and I think law enforcement bodies are to engage in it”, Minister