Armenian president calls on opposition to return to “normal activity

Armenian president calls on opposition to return to “normal activity”

Mediamax news agency
14 Apr 04


Armenian President Robert Kocharyan spoke about the necessity of a
political dialogue in Yerevan today, at the same time, highlighting
that he considered it unacceptable if readiness for such a dialogue
was of an ultimatum nature.

Robert Kocharyan said this at a meeting with heads of the United
Communist Party of Armenia today, Mediamax has learnt from the
presidential press service.

Commenting on the events of the recent days, the Armenian president
said that “forces advocating political extremism” were responsible for
them in the first place. Kocharyan believes that “the measures taken
were appropriate, and the police used means exclusively permitted by
the law”.

“Today the opposition has every opportunity to return to normal
activity. If this is not done, then the authorities have enough
potential to defend the people and prevent any manifestation of
lawlessness,” Armenian president said.