Rowhani: Iran is keen on developing relations with neighbors

Rowhani: Iran is keen on developing relations with neighbors


Tehran, April 13, IRNA — Secretary of Supreme National Security
Council (SNSC) Hassan Rowhani said on Tuesday that Iran is keen on
developing economic and political relations with neighboring states.

In a meeting with Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanyan, Rowhani
said that longstanding cultural affinity between Iran and Armenia
contributed to common interests in the field of economy and boosting
Tehran-Yerevan cooperation.

He appreciated the current cooperation between Iranian and Armenian
energy ministries over the project of dam building and setting up
power plant over Aras River as symbol of economic cooperation.

He hoped that the agreement on setting up pipeline to carry Iranian
gas to Armenia will be signed soon.

Rowhani said that Armenian government is expected to help resolve
problems of Iranian nationals and organizations based in Armenia.

Referring to the developments in Caucasus and Karabakh, Rowhani said
that as much as the regional states succeeded to resolve the crisis,
their interests would be guaranteed and regional stability would be

“Regional stability is prerequisite for economic development and
without settlement of the regional crisis, the ground for extensive
investment would not be prepared,” Rowhani said.

He said that Iran will spare no effort to help resolve Karabakh crisis
and regards peace and security in the Caucasus as a priority to
national security.

Rowhani pointed to crises in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Caucasus
as the four dangerous situation which should be dealt with politically
to help bring about economic development and social welfare for the
people living in those areas.

For his part, Oskanyan expressed pleasure with the current boost in
Iran-Armenian economic cooperation in the field of electricity and
setting up gas pipeline and the progress made in transport by
establishing the North-South Corridor.

The Armenian foreign minister said that Iran-Armenia relations have
historical roots. He said that bilateral cooperation serves regional
interests in addition to mutual agenda.

Cooperation in the field of energy and above all setting up gas
pipeline will help develop bilateral relations and would be effective
in boosting regional stability, he said.

Oskanyan called for Iran’s assistance to speed up process of laying
pipeline and construction of North-South Transport Corridor.

Rowhani welcomed the proposals and hoped that Armenia would join
North-South Corridor to boost national standard of land
transport. Oskanyan arrived in Tehran on Monday.