Armenian minister resigns over son’s arrest

Armenian minister resigns over son’s arrest

Mediamax news agency
9 Apr 04


Minister of Town Planning Ara Aramyan announced his resignation in
Yerevan today.

The minister said that the reason for his decision was the arrest of
his son, Hayk Aramyan, Mediamax news agency reports.

Hayk Aramyan was arrested several days ago on the case of shooting in
Triumf [Triumph] cafe in Yerevan on 12 March, in which five people
were wounded. The minister’s son is being accused under three articles
of the Criminal Code of Armenia – an attempted murder, hooliganism and
illegal possession of weapons.

The minister read out his statement which, in particular, said that
“recently there have been various speculation about the incident
connected with my son”.

“The preliminary investigation has not been completed yet, and I
believe that a just verdict will be passed. At the same time,
considering the artificially created fuss which could discredit my
name, the good reputation of my party and the image of the country’s
leadership, I believe that I am morally obliged to resign,” Ara
Aramyan’s statement said.

Aramyan is a member of the Orinats Yerkir [Law-Governed Country]
Party, which makes up the coalition together with the Republic Party
and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation – Dashnaktsutyun [ARFD].