Armenia is at Crossroads: Opposition MP


YEREVAN, APRIL 10. ARMINFO. Armenia is at the crossroads today – either to
return to the middle age or to go ahead to the European values, says
opposition MP Shavarsh Kocharyan. The incumbent Armenian authorities
are trespassing all moral norms up to presenting the prey as the
predator like they did with opposition MP Viktor Dallakyan or
opposition member Aramais Barsegyan. If this continues Armenia will
soon be expelled from the Council of Europe. The country is in an
economic stalemate. It is ruled by shadow and clan economy. The
Karabakh problem has been transformed into a territorial dispute,
which is not acceptable for Armenia. Pres. Kocharyan has “driven a
hedge” between Armenians of Armenia and Karabakh.

The way out of the situation is Kocharyan’s resignation and the change
of the whole system of state administration, the conduct of new, free
and fair elections. The people will no longer allow fraud. Kocharyan
has a chance to either go voluntarily or give his consent to the
opposition-proposed confidence referendum. Otherwise, the popular
indignation will be growing, the military agencies will stop obeying
to criminal orders and Kocharyan will be forced to resign.

Commenting on Kocharyan’s TV interview where he said called
treacherous critical articles in the foreign press Shavarsh Kocharyan
said that having joined the CE Armenia should comply with the European
values and has no right to hide its dirty linen. Unfortunately,
Kocharyan does not understand this and lies when saying that he does
not want to set one part of his people against the other. “He has long
sent against us his electorate – the police, the prosecutor’s office,
the egg-throwers and other skin-head criminals.”