Rwanda Genocide


FACTBOX-Genocides helped make 20th century bloodiest ever
GENEVA (Reuters) – U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan
Wednesday warned of another possible genocide in western Sudan
as he marked the tenth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, in
which 800,000 people died.
The Hague-based International Criminal Court — the only
permanent global court capable of trying those accused of
genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity — said
genocide has helped make the 20th century the bloodiest in
Below is a partial list of genocides — defined as the
systematic and planned extermination of a national, racial,
religious or ethnic group — plus acts of mass political
slaughter committed in the 20th century.
Armenian Genocide – 1915-1923: About 1.5 million killed
Former Soviet Union – 1918-1921, 1930-1938: About
100-200,000 Jews, five million Ukrainians, 14-15 million
peasants, and three million “enemies of the people” killed.
Holocaust – 1941-1945: Six million Jews killed plus 5
million others including Gypsies, Poles and homosexuals
Indonesia – 1965-1966, 1972, 1999: About 500,000 killed in
Indonesia; 200-300,000 killed in East Timor
Burundi – 1972: 100,000-200,000 Hutu killed in ethnic
Cambodia – 1975-1979: One- to three million killed
Iraq – 1987-1988: About 100,000 Kurds killed
Bosnia – 1992-1995: About 200,000 killed
Rwanda – 1994: About 800,000 killed
Sudan – Ongoing: About two million killed since 1983
Congo – Ongoing: About 3.5 million killed in past four
NOTE: Sources: International Criminal Court,


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