Noah’s Ark: Open For Reading and Studying


Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School
Noah’s Ark Library
1615 N. Alexandria Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Contact: Sarig Armenian
Tel: 323-668-1877
E-Mail: [email protected]

Noah’s Ark: Open For Reading and Studying

Los Angeles, CA — This week, the highly anticipated opening of the
Rose and Alex Pilibos Noah’s Ark Library will take place, when the
facility opens its doors to students, faculty and staff. On Tuesday,
April 14, 2004, each home-room class will visit the school library for a
short introduction to the learning services, stunning physical
structure, and world of information available at the school library.

During the introductory session, each student will be asked to read
aloud and sign a pledge to abide by the rules of the library and to use
the library books and equipment with care. By the end of the week, when
all classes have attended the introductory session, the library will be
open throughout the day for classroom visits, during lunch and recess,
as well as before and after school for students to borrow books, read
periodicals, and research on the Internet.

“This library is an exciting new development for both our students and
the school community,” stated Viken Yacoubian, principal of the Rose and
Alex Pilibos Armenian School. “After more than a year of planning and
construction, the students and faculty will have access to a
state-of-the-art library that will enhance the curriculum and expand the
educational resources at our school. Numerous studies have shown that
student performance and achievement are directly linked to a strong
school library; this is why providing a bilingual technologically
advanced library has been a priority for our students.”

Today, school libraries provide information and ideas that are
fundamental to functioning successfully in today’s information and
knowledge-based society. The Noah’s Ark School library will help develop
imagination and life-long learning skills in order to guide students
towards becoming responsible and active members of the Armenian-American

With an enrollment of over 750 students from kindergarten through 12th
grade, the Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School is the first school in
the Armenian Diaspora to have a library with an electronic catalogue of
Armenian and English books as well as a dynamic architectural space for
students to read, write, think, and learn.