Fatherland and army start at the border

Azat Artsakh, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
April 8 2004


Meeting the proposal of the RA TV companies, the NKR Ministry of
Defence invited a group of journalists to the NKR Defence Army to get
acquainted with the life of the servicemen. On April 2, headed by the
press secretary of the minister, colonel S. Shahsuvarian, 27
journalists representing 10 TV companies of Armenia visited different
military units of the NKR Defence Army, and border installations. The
journalists visited the educational strategic center `Asparezâ’,
watched the training. The journalists had an interview with the NKR
minister of defence Seyran Ohanian. The NKR minister of defence
mentioned that the situation at the border is quiet. As to the present
condition of the army, he mentioned that day by day the level of the
military training, supply of arms and equipment, the engineering
structures are improved. The minister mentioned that the NKR Defence
Army is successfully fulfilling the role of the defence of the border
of the motherland, the servicemen control the situation and the
situation in Yerevan can in no way influence the service.