Armenian speaker set to launch political dialogue with opposition

Armenian speaker set to launch political dialogue with opposition

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
7 Apr 04

[Presenter] The speaker of the National Assembly, Artur Bagdasaryan,
intends to hold political dialogue with the opposition in order to
reduce political tension in Armenia. He returned from Italy early in
the morning and made a serious statement in the afternoon. Artur
Bagdasaryan intends to start consultations with the opposition and
coalition forces from tomorrow on and search for ways of getting out
of the political crisis.

[Correspondent over video of news conference] The speaker of the
Armenian National Assembly said that he will do everything possible to
reduce the political tension in the country. The speaker will hold
meetings with the authorities and opposition members from 8 April. He
expressed the hope that the talks will be successful.

[Artur Bagdasaryan, caption] Under the law it is my responsibility and
right to hold political consultations in Armenia. And this is what I
am planning to do. We shall discuss a format of the meetings with our
colleagues. This can be in the format of political consultations or
separate talks during which we shall discuss the domestic political
situation. We shall try to reach agreement. We shall not allow the
situation to get worse.

[Correspondent] The domestic political situation was discussed also
during the Armenian National Assembly delegation’s visit to
Italy. According to the Italians, the visit marked the beginning of a
new stage in Armenian-Italian relations. The speaker of the National
Assembly also described the visit as productive.

[Artur Bagdasaryan] This visit confirmed three main directions. First,
the development of bilateral relations, second the development and
deepening of European integration and third the strengthening of
political cooperation in international organizations.

[Correspondent] Apart from the signing of the two agreements on
interparliamentary cooperation it was agreed during the visit that
Armenia will receive 1m dollars to develop the health sphere and 1.5m
dollars to develop agriculture. Regional hospitals will get the best
European medical equipment and ambulances. Except for this,
Armenian-Italian business forums will be held in July-September and
finally an Italian culture centre and an Italian House will be opened
in Yerevan. All this will help promote cultural and business

Nune Aleksanyan, “Aylur”.