Opposition leader announces “quest” to overthrow Armenian authoritie

Opposition leader announces “quest” to overthrow Armenian authorities

5 Apr 04


The quest to overthrow Armenia’s unconstitutional authorities starts
today, the chairman of the National Unity party, MP Artashes Gegamyan,
said at a meeting with voters on 5 April.

He criticized the incumbent government of Armenia both for its
domestic and foreign policies and said that their only objective was
to enrich President Robert Kocharyan and Defence Minister Serzh
Sarkisyan. The way out of the situation is to oust the illegitimate
authorities and restore the constitutional order in Armenia, Gegamyan

The meeting, attended by many people, is taking place outside the
Nairi cinema because the law-enforcement bodies prevented them from
staging it in the square outside the institute of ancient manuscripts,

The rally is being frequently interrupted by eggs which are being
thrown and brawls between the people, who attended the rally, and a
group of young people with shaven heads.

A TV operator was injured during one such brawl and his video camera
was broken. The participants in the rally recognized Gagik Beglaryan,
who worked for the head of Yerevan’s Centre community, among the group
of young people.