Mine clearance is urgent in Karabakh

Azat Artsakh, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
April 4, 2004


On March 30 NKR minister of foreign affairs met with the director of
the international program of mine clearance and displacement of
unexploded ammunition Matthew Hovel. The program is implemented by the
British humanitarian organization The HALO Trust which has been
operating in Nagorni Karabakh since 1995. Mr. Hovel, whose term of
service has ended in Nagorni Karabakh, introduced to the minister the
new representative of the program in NKR Ed Row. He thanked the
government of the republic for providing favourable conditions for
their activities and great assistance to the implementation of the
mission of The HALO Trust. In his turn, Ashot Ghulian, the minister of
foreign affairs, mentioned that even 10 years after the cease-fire the
problem of mine-clearance remains urgent in NKR. The minister of
foreign affairs pointed out the willingness of the NKR government to
continue the works of mine-clearance, which is essential to providing
the security of the population and the economic development of the
republic. Matthew Hovel said The HALO Trust will continue its
activities in Karabakh for several years. At the end of the meeting
Ashot Ghulian thanked the organization for their humanitarian programs
in Karabakh and stated the willingness of the republic authorities, in
particular the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to continue assisting to
the organization.