Catholicos Aram donates $5000 to Pan-Armenian literary fund

April 7 2004


YEREVAN, APRIL 7, ARMENPRESS: Levon Ananian, the chairman of the
Union of Armenia’s Writers, told today in Yerevan that a March 26-28
constituent meeting of ethnic Armenian writers in the Middle East,
held in Antelias, Lebanon, was attended by around 40 writers from
Lebanon and Syria. The meeting was sponsored by Catholicos Aram I,
the head of the second Armenian Catholicosate, based in Lebanon.
Ananian said participants of the meeting refrained from touching
on political differences existing among three Armenian parties, the
Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Ramkavar Azatakan (Liberal
Democratic) and Hnchakian (Social Democratic), which have their
chapters in all strong Armenian communities abroad. He said the focus
was on efforts that may help to preserve Armenian identity, develop
teaching of Armenian and other pan-Armenian problems.
Ananian said Catholicos Aram I donated $5,000 to the Pan-Armenian
Literary Fund, established in Yerevan to help publish new literary
works and facilitate financial problems of those members of the Union
who are in need. Ananian said similar constituent meetings of ethnic
Armenian writers will be held in Iran, France and other countries.