Bishop Bagrat Galstanian’s Easter Message

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Every season, when the Feast of the Pascha approaches, the account of
St Mark’s Gospel of the Holy Resurrection of our Lord becomes the
theme of my contemplation. According to the account the oil bearing
women visit the sepulcher of the Master, thinking on the way “Who
shall remove the stone of the tomb for us”? To their amazement the
tomb was empty. They were frustrated for the fact of the Resurrection
was unbelievable and eventually they believed by seeingthe Risen
Christ. 2004 years have elapsed since those days and every time face
to face with the luminous feast of Resurrection, it is worth to ask
ourselves what has changed within us and does the resurrection of
Christ have any significance for us?

How true are the words of British politician Gladstone when he says
“Nowadays the felicity of humanity does not depend on politics. The
real battle occurs in the realm of intellect, where the deadly
inthusion takes place on the most precious treasure of humanity. That
is on the faith, which leads us to God and to the Gospel of Christ”.

Any political system or rule could have no effect on the society if it
was not ready inwardly to accept them. Therefore all loses and
success, failures and achievements born within us and then being put
in action, whereof the act becomes a fact the true mirror of our
thinking or feeling.

Having said so we realize that the Pascha comes to pass us over, to
renew permanently in our lives, in thinking and in the way of
living. God loves us the way we are but He loves us too much to leave
us the way we are. Specially for our Holy Church in Canada, I would
desire to see and feel new breath and new vivacity as a living truth
who shall protect and lead our people by the truth of the Gospel and
the Orthodox faith.

After the Lord’s Resurrection we see His physical empty tomb. Just us
the angel proclaimed the glad tiding of the Resurrection, we also may
say with confidence and faith


On this victorious day of Holy Resurrection on behalf of our people in
Canada, I would love to extend my filial love and wishes to our
beloved spiritual Father His Holiness Karekin II asking for his
blessings. May the Mother Seeof Holy Etchmiadzin, our Holy home, shine
forever by the guidance of Vehapar Hayrapet.

Our love and congratulations to the Diocesan Clergy, Diocesan Council,
Parish Councils, Church Choirs, Ladies Guild and the ACYOC, CYMA, all
the Auxiliary Bodies, to the Delegates, Diocesan Stuff, to our
Benefactors, who through their dedication prove the reality of

Our love and congratulations to our sister churches, organizations,
unions, political parties, to the Armenian school and to our entire
beloved people seniors and juniors, elderly and youth. To those who
through their heroic devotion render their time, intellect and
financial input towards the prosperity of our Holy Church and brave
nation-turning their lives into true Resurrection.

Eventually the first and the most to You I raise my prayer my
RisenLord and Savior Jesus Christ, Beautiful and Desirable Name. You
are the Guide of my life. I yearn to meet You on the day of the
universal Resurrection when youwill come with all your glory and
might. Shed a brim of Your Resurrection in me and continue bless me,
so that by your help and guidance I may dedicate myself to the
longevity of my people and be able to repeat

“Christ is Risen
Blessed is His Resurrection”
Amen, Amen.

With love and prayer,

Bishop Bagrat Galstanian