Armenian opposition spearheads campaign to change “undemocratic regi

Armenian opposition spearheads campaign to change “undemocratic regime”

6 Apr 04


“By giant waves of national struggle, we shall rid the country of the
undemocratic regime, return power to the people and establish jointly
a fair state,” the Republic [Anrapetutyun] Party issued this statement

According to our source, the Republic Party condemns the illegal
“ruling regime” and states that all efforts to settle a score with the
opposition are doomed to failure. The statement said that “the illegal
regime has again resorted to lowliness and arrested well-known
journalist Suren Surenyants on the trumped-up and false
charges. “Bringing to book for political views is an act
characteristic of the dictatorial regimes, and the dictator must be
removed for the establishment of a democracy in the country,” the
statement said.

Let us recall that today the first instance court in Yerevan’s Kentron
and Nork-Marash communities extended Suren Surenyants’ term in custody
by two months.