Facts on Cyprus

Deutsche Presse-Agentur
April 6, 2004, Tuesday

FACTFILE: Facts on Cyprus

The island republic of Cyprus lies in the eastern Mediterranean about
64 kilometres south of Turkey and 97 kilometres west of Syria. It is
the third largest island in the Mediterranean.

A few facts about Cyprus:

Population: 715,100 (south of the island, January 2004)

Size: 9,251 square kilometres

Capital: Nicosia (about 160,000 inhabitants in southern Greek part,
about 40,000 inhabitants in the northern Turkish sector)

Head of state/ government: President Tassos Papadopoulos

Population structure: Greek Cypriots 78 per cent; Turkish Cypriots 18
per cent; Maronites, Latin Roman, Catholics and Armenians 4 per
cent.(Latest estimates after immigration of Turkish settlers from
Anatolia: Greeks 70 per cent; Turks 30 per cent)

Religions: Greek-Orthodox: 99 per cent of the Greek Cypriot
community; Moslems: 100 per cent of the Turkish Cypriot community

Unemployment: 2.4 per cent (March 2004)

Currency: Cyprus Pound (CYP) 1 euro = 0.587 CYP 1 dollar = 0.4774 CYP

International vehicle CY registration:

“Hello”: “Kalimera” (Greek), “Guenaydin” (Turkish)

No official data has been released by the Turkish-occupied Turkish
Republic of North Cyprus which is not internationally recognized. The
population in North Cyprus is estimated at 220,000 Turkish Cypriots
and Turkish settlers as well as about 35,000 Turkish soldiers.