BAKU: Azeri reporters protest in Igdir against opening of border

Azeri reporters protest in Turkey’s Igdir against opening of Armenian border

ANS TV, Baku
6 Apr 04

Presenter A group of Azerbaijani journalists are in Turkey now to
protest against the opening of the Turkish-Armenian border . A special
correspondent of ANS, Qanira Pasayeva, is on the line. Hello, Qanira.

Correspondent, over phone Hello, Leyla.

Presenter Qanira, how did Igdir’s population meet you?

Correspondent They met us much better than we had expected. They can
watch Azerbaijani TV channels, including ANS. They had learnt about
the campaign from other TV channels and newspapers. They met us at the
entrance to Igdir. Many correspondents from local TV channels and
newspapers were among them. They supported us in this action and were
wearing T-shirts with slogans on them – Turks must support Turks and
No to opening Armenian borders – and chanted these slogans together
with us.

We went to the Turkish-Armenian border some time ago and Azerbaijani
journalists staged there a protest action by blocking the road. They
also aired slogans urging an end to the European and US pressure on
Turkey, which demand that it open its borders with Armenia, and
expressed confidence that Turks would support Turks and that Turkey
would not open borders with Armenia.

The Igdir population, who gathered nearby, voiced the slogans together
with us. Even very old people were among them. They were wearing these
T-shirts and stood near the border together with us. People in Igdir
said that they did not want the borders to open although they might
get some income from trade with Armenia . Because they will not agree
to any trade relations with Armenia until Azerbaijanis are in trouble
and their lands are under occupation.

Presenter Qanira, where are you now? What other meetings are you going
to have?

Correspondent We are going to visit a memorial to Ataturk. We have
been informed that many people have already gathered there on this
occasion in support of our action. Even the municipal head of Igdir is
in the crowd there and he has said that he will wear a T-shirt like
ours and air our slogans.

Presenter Thank you, Qanira.