Armenian party accuses authorities of opposition crackdown

Armenian party accuses authorities of opposition crackdown

3 Apr 04


The Armenian authorities have begun repressing opposition activists,
the opposition Anrapetutyun Party has said in a statement.

On 28 May the authorities spent a lot of effort to thwart the
opposition’s rally in Gyumri where the law-enforcement bodies resorted
to various forms of provocation, the statement said. “As expected, the
personnel of the law-enforcement bodies were not brought to
responsibility over disrupting public order, only members of the
opposition were.”

The statement said that nine members of the opposition Justice bloc
had been arrested and five of them – Karen Markaryan, Gamlet
Lazarian, Tigran Ter-Yesayan, Ararat Petrosyan and Ashot Zakaryan –
were now facing criminal charges of hooliganism.

[Passage omitted: flats of relatives of opposition activists searched,
police summons other opposition members]