Armenian opposition rally pledges to change power

Armenian opposition rally pledges to change power

Interfax news agency, Moscow
5 Apr 04


A rally organized by Armenia’s opposition National Unity party was
held in Yerevan on Monday [5 April], an Interfax correspondent

The organizers claimed the rally had brought together about 10,000
protesters. The police said, however, that the number of demonstrators
was less than 2,000.

National Unity leader Artashes Gegamyan said that a change in
government is inevitable and imminent in Armenia.

Unidentified assailants broke several photo and video cameras being
used by the Armenian media, and eggs and fire-crackers were thrown at
demonstrators from the windows of neighbouring buildings.

The rally was protected by police.

The organizers announced that the temporarily-united opposition
organizations, the Justice coalition and the National Unity party,
will hold a national rally on Yerevan’s Freedom Square on 9 April.

The opposition leaders said that demonstrations and acts of
disobedience will be staged in April which, they said, will lead to a
change in government.

[Passage omitted: known details of arrests]