Off to Armenia

Boston Globe, MA
April 4 2004


For 26 Lexington High students, it will be a unique spring break,
touring Armenia and performing several concerts. Several of the
school’s Madrigal singers and concert choir members leave April 14
for New York City, where they will fly to Moscow and then travel on
to Armenia. “I can’t tell you what they’ll come home with, but it’s a
completely different experience than anything they’ve seen in the
world , starting with the architecture, the language, the customs,
the weather,” said Peggy Hovanessian, a parent who has coordinated
much of the trip and whose daughters, Manneh and Naris Ghazarian, are
going. Brian O’Connell, the school’s choral director, will accompany
the group to Armenia. The students are packing two suitcases each,
one of personal belongings and one filled with clothing, musical
instruments, toys, and gifts to give away there.