Weekend: Spirit

Weekend: Spirit: Wellbeing: STRIKE A BALANCE: This week: David Dickinson

The Guardian – United Kingdom
Apr 03, 2004


I’m 62 now, and have got to a stage where I feel comfortable with my
life and confident in myself. To relax, I go in the garden with my
wife – she likes gardening; I sit in a deckchair and soak up the rays.

I smoke a packet of cigarettes a day, started when I was 14 or
15. I’ve thought about giving up, especially at my age when you get
wheezy. It’s a fool’s game.

To be on form when filming, I’m in bed by 8.30pm. I am bloody tired
after a day in front of the cameras, and I can be filming for 10 to 15
days straight.

I am conscious of keeping my appearance smart, but not in an
egotistical way. I go on holiday as many times as I can. I have olive
skin as my grandfather is Armenian, and when I spend a week in the
sun, it stays for a couple of months. It’s not from a bottle. Sipping
a cool drink, sitting around the pool, I am happy.

David Dickinson presents BBC’s Bargain Hunt. His autobiography, The
Duke: What a Bobby Dazzler (BBC Books), is out now.