The Ordinary Criminal Case Against Opposition

A1 Plus | 21:28:57 | 02-04-2004 | Politics |


Armenian General Office of Prosecutor instituted the ordinary criminal case
against Opposition activists. The trial for Tigran Naghdalyan’s murder case
was the tool for a trumped-up charge.

“Republic” Party political board members Aramazd Zakaryan, Smbat Ayvazyan
and Lyova Eghiazaryan were called to Office of Prosecutor.

The reason is senseless. They are accused of having insulted Court or
sitting during announcing the verdict of Naghdalyan’s murder trial on
January 20.

Aramazd Zakaryan informed Office of Prosecutor that they didn’t outrage
Court: “Attitude was equivalent to the verdict reached. One left the Court
hall, others left the building, too, having lost belief in justice”.

MP Smbat Ayvazyan introduced explanations in written over the fact and said
Court performed the order of Authorities instead of administering justice.
“Justice was once again violated”.