Armenia, Lebanon sign cooperation accords

Armenia, Lebanon sign cooperation accords

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
2 Apr 04

[Presenter] Lebanon promises to clarify the visa regime for Armenian
citizens. This was discussed during the meeting of senior Armenian and
Lebanese officials in Yerevan. The opportunity will be given to
Armenian citizens travelling to Lebanon to get entry visas at Beirut
international airport.

[Correspondent over video of meeting] Before the signing of the
agreement on Armenian-Lebanese economic cooperation, the Lebanese
prime minister held a one-to-one meeting with President Robert
Kocharyan. The interlocutors confirmed the highest level of
Armenian-Lebanese relations and emphasized that economic cooperation
should be invigorated and expanded. They stressed the importance of
invigorating the two countries’ business contacts. They also stressed
the role of the Lebanese Armenian community.

Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri discussed the issue of the Armenian
community of Lebanon with the Armenian catholicos, Garegin II. He
noted that the Armenians play a serious role in the country’s
political, economic, social and cultural life.

At the end of Rafiq al-Hariri’s visit three agreements on cooperation
in the economy, education, science, culture and agriculture were
signed. The two countries’ prime ministers noted that the main
obstacle in Armenian-Lebanese economic cooperation is transport links.

[Rafiq al-Hariri, in Arabic with Armenian voice over] First of all we
have to resolve transport issues in order to increase commodity
turnover and implement the agreements’ demands. It is necessary to
invigorate and unite our countries’ business potential.

Tereza Kasyan, “Aylur”.