Armenia, Lebanon intend to develop economic cooperation

ITAR-TASS News Agency
April 2, 2004 Friday 8:43 AM Eastern Time

Armenia, Lebanon intend to develop economic cooperation

By Tigran Liloyan


Armenia and Lebanon intend to develop economic cooperation in various
fields, prime ministers of the countries Andranik Margaryan and Rafik
Hariri said after the official visit of the Lebanese premier to

Upon results of the visit the package of agreements on cooperation in
culture, science, education and agriculture was signed. The premiers
called on business quarters of the countries to actively cooperate.

Difficulties in cargo traffic from one country to another that
resulted in increasing prices for goods is an important problem that
Hariri discussed in Yerevan, he emphasised. “We are searching for
solutions,” the Lebanese prime minister pointed out.

The Armenians have always played a significant role in the
development and prosperity of Lebanon and participated in various
spheres of life in the country, Hariri remarked. They hold posts in
the government, parliament, Central Bank, trade and industry of the
country, the premier noted.

The Middle East settlement should correspond to UN resolutions,
decisions of the UN Security Council and international agreements, it
was said at Hariri’s meeting in the Armenian parliament.