Lebanese Prime Minister Arrives in Armenia


Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
1 Apr 04

(Presenter over video of arrival ceremony at airport) New Lebanese
investments are expected in the Armenian economy. An agreement will be
reached during Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri’s visit to
Armenia, which started today.

An agricultural cooperation agreement between the two country’s
governments has been drawn up. An Armenian member of the Lebanese
parliament, (?Ekya Cherichyan), who is accompanying the prime
minister, hopes that Rafiq al-Hariri’s third visit to Armenia will
help to step up bilateral economic relations, as the ministers engaged
in investing in foreign countries have also come to Armenia.

(Ekya Cherichyan, in Armenian, at airport) The main aim of this visit
is to sign an agreement on setting up a Lebanese-Armenian economic
commission. Agreements on education, science and agriculture will
also be signed during this visit. The delegation consists only of
ministers and Armenian members of the Lebanese parliament.