Authorities in Preparation for Rallies

A1 Plus | 18:48:52 | 01-04-2004 | Politics |


Ruling coalition consolidates as the date set for the opposition rally is
coming closer. On the event footing the authorities take preventive measures
and launched vigorous intimidation campaign against the opposition
activists. In a week before the rally intended to mark the second
anniversary of the notorious A1+ TV Company closure, they were summoned to

Vice-Speaker Vahan Hovhannisyan says those staging meeting declared war
against the authorities. There is nothing surprising in the authorities’
intention to protect itself.

The coalition Republican Party leader Galust Sahakyan says the A1+ closure
was politicized from the very beginning. He supposed the opposition want to
see how many people will gather at this rally to gauge its strength for
staging follow-up rallies.