Armenian prosecutor opens criminal case against opposition

Armenian prosecutor opens criminal case against opposition

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
31 Mar 04

[Presenter] The Armenian Prosecutor General’s Office has issued an
official report saying that from February 2004 activists of the
Justice bloc and their supporters have been organizing illegal rallies
and meetings in various regions of the republic and communities of the
capital, where the representatives of the authorities have been
insulted and calls have been made to throw out the state’s leadership
by force and change the constitutional system.

Such calls were voiced during rallies in the Shengavit, Nor-Nork,
Avan, Achapnyak and Davidashen communities in Yerevan and in the
regions of Nor Achin, Egvard, Nor Gekhi, Garni, Abovyan, Razdan,
Azatavan, Verin Artashat, Aygezard and Alaverdi. The rally in the town
of Gyumri was accompanied by outrage and disorder, violence against
citizens who did not share their views and disobedience to the
employees of the law-enforcement bodies, who were also injured.

The Armenian Prosecutor General’s Office initiated a criminal case on
30 March 2004 under Article 318 of the Armenian Criminal Code,
publicly insulting an official, and Article 301, public calls to
change the authorities and constitutional system by force. The
investigation department of the Armenian Prosecutor General’s Office’s
is carrying out the investigation.

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