Armenian businessmen eager to win markets in India, China

April 1 2004


YEREVAN, APRIL 1, ARMENPRESS: The Armenian Development Agency
(ADA, a body set up to facilitate investment flows into the Armenian
Economy, export of Armenian goods and services to international
markets and development of Armenian enterprises, considered by the
government as the main national intermediary for bridging gaps
between policy development and implementation and the public and
private sectors, announced about plans to step up economic contacts
with world’s biggest markets in China and India.
ADA chairman Vahagn Movsisian claimed that “It is inadmissible to
overlook these two countries which have one third of world’s
population.” The first step, according to him, was last year’s visit
to India by Armenian president, when a business conference attended
by representatives of 35 Armenian companies was held. Movsisian said
a delegation of Indian businessmen from 20 companies, expected in
Armenia in June will explore cooperation prospects, four of them, he
said, have decided to start business in Armenia.
Movsisian said ADA is trying also to establish business contacts
in China, planning to participate an exhibition in Shanghai slated
for autumn and convene also a joint business conference.