Georgia to host cross-border media conference

International Journalist’s Network
March 31 2004

Georgia to host cross-border media conference

Mar 31, 2004

Local and international media assistance groups have until April 7 to
apply for a conference on fostering independent media in the South
Caucasus region.

The Eurasia Foundation’s South Caucasus Cooperation Program (SCCP) is
organizing the conference, scheduled for April 13 and 14 in Tbilisi,
Georgia. Participation is limited.

The conference, `Cross-Border Independent Media as a
Confidence-Building Tool,’ will focus on five areas of regional
cooperation: cross-border content and programming; education and
training for media professionals; media laws; media monitoring and
evaluation; and the protection of journalists’ rights.

The expected participants include, among others: the Association of
Investigative Journalists of Armenia, the Association of Women
Journalists of Azerbaijan, the Black Sea Press Association of
Georgia, the Baku Press Club, Armenia’s Committee for the Protection
of Free Speech, representatives from the Council of Europe,
Internews, and the Media Diversity Institute.

The Eurasia Foundation launched the SCCP for better cooperation among
the major organizations in the Caucasus region. The program’s
contributions include support for independent media initiatives.