Talks on Iran-Armenia Gas Pipeline in Final Phase – Minister


Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
29 Mar 04

(Presenter) Negotiations are nearing the end on the construction of an
Iran-Armenia gas pipeline which is of great importance to the Armenian
energy sphere. Its construction will start by the end of this
year. (Corespondent) In approximately two years, gas will be supplied
to Armenia via the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline. Armenian Energy Minister
Armen Movsisyan has announced that negotiations on the pipeline’s
construction have reached the final phase. General agreement has been
reached on the technical aspect of the project, as well as on the main
parameters of the pipeline construction and on the volume of supplies.

(Armenian Energy Minister Armen Movsisyan, captioned) The Iranian
National Gas Company will construct the Iranian section in Iran, the
Armenian side will construct the section in Armenia.

(Correspondent) Iranian Oil Minister Bizhan Namdar-Zanganeh is
expected to visit Armenia at the end of April. Armen Movsisyan said
that an agreement on the construction of the gas pipeline would be
completed, which envisages 20 months for the construction of the gas
pipeline. The construction will start at the end of 2004 and will be
completed in 2006.

(Armen Movsisyan) There have been reports that the construction is
being delayed due to the stances of Russia, the USA and other
countries, which is groundless. There were no obstacles from any
country. Generally, mutually beneficial conditions were not agreed.

(Correspondent) The minister noted that the construction of the gas
pipeline would promote the development of our country’s economy and
boost investment in the energy sphere. A total of 100m dollars, a
little more than for the Iranian section, will be allocated for the
construction of the Armenian section of the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline.

Anna Vartanyan, Aylur.