Ruling Coalition Condemns Skirmish Between Pro-Gov & Opp. Forces


YEREVAN, MARCH 29. ARMINFO. Representatives of the ruling political
coalition in Armenia condemned yesterday’s skirmish between the supporters
of the opposition and the authorities in the course of the rally organzied
by the Justice bloc in Gyumri.

He said the RPA faction Galust Sahakyan considered inadmissible the attempts
of the law-enforcement bodies to break the opposition rally. In his turn,
Vice Speaker of the Armenian PArliament, the member of the Bureau of ARFD
Vahan Hovhannissyan condemned the acts by the opposition in respect to the
government supporters who gathered in the course of the rally with posters
supporting the country’s leadership. He said that it is inadmissible to push
the people down the tribune only because they do not share the opposition’s
views. The member of the Board of “Orinats Yerkir” party Mher Shahgeldyan
said that the incident is a result of the recent agressive statements by the
opposition which created tension in the country.

Secretary of the Justice bloc Victor Dallakyan is sure that the incident is
an evidence of the authorities’ panic. He said that the incident will not
stop the opposition and on April 9 it will organize a regular rally in
Malatia community. As regards the “all national rally,” Dallakyan said the
opposition will inform the Municipality of its date and place. He said that
the “all national rally” will take place even in case of a rejection by the
Municipality, as the Constitution says that holding mass actions is the
constitutional right of the Armenian citizens.