Broadcasting in Kolatak restored

Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
March 29, 2004


The population of the village Kolatak could not watch the programs of
the first public TV channel of Armenia and the public TV channel of
Artsakh. The executive director of “Artsakhkap” Souren Mirzoyan
informed that the company placed a transmitter for the communities
Kolatak and Tbkhlu of the region Martakert. In this reference the
director of the secondary school of Kolatak T. Yessayan sent a letter
to “AA” informing that for a long time the village population, and the
staff of the school especially were worried by the fact that instead
of the programs of Armenian TV channels the villagers could watch only
the Azerbaijani TV channels, which broadcast anti-Armenian propaganda
24 hours. Fortunately, due to the new transmitter the population of
the two villages can watch the programs of the first channel of
Armenia. In reference to this problem the executive director of
“Artsakhkap” Souren Mirzoyan said that the problem was not solved
finally as more financial means are required to raise the quality of
transmission. According to him, the problem will be solved in the near
future. “The signals transmitted from Azerbaijan hinder the
transmission of Armenian programs in certain settlements of the
republic. For this reason this year we will exchange broadcasting
frequencies,” mentioned the executive director. He also said he hopes
that this year the Armenian programs will be available in all the
villages of NKR. S. Mirzoyan said that the cause of the problems with
broadcasting is that more than 80 percent of transmitter are old
production and the spare parts are difficult to find in Armenia and
Russia. We hope that soon we will have the opportunity to place modern